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Brittany’s Birth Story

I knew after my second little baby I would want a home birth if I ever got pregnant again. We didn’t plan for a third baby but god works in ways that I believe are meant to be. Frankie Rose was born 3/7/2022.

newborn in moms arms

On march 6th I woke early and checked on my oldest. She was running a fever and we were out of Tylenol. So I headed to the store to grab some medicine for her. About 7:30 am I arrived at the store and as I step foot out of the car…I am surprised with what felt like a contraction. It was different this time in comparison to the Braxton hicks I had been experiencing for weeks before. After it stopped I continued into the store to have a few more! With excitement, I texted my mom and Jorge to let them know. Unsure of myself but hopeful was the current emotion.

After getting back home I decide to clean in preparation in case today was the day!! They continued to come but very sporadically and inconsistent. I went on a few walks, did some birth ball work, snacked, and tried to relax.

By 9pm that same day there wasn’t much change. They felt more spaced out and still inconsistent in timing. I was feeling discouraged. But knew I needed to rest. Laying down the contractions spaced out even further but felt more intense. I didn’t like how they felt laying down. And wanted to get up and move or at least stand through them. Shortly after getting up I had my bloody show and i was hopeful things would get more consistent! Although things picked up rapidly the timing between was not consistent. I continued to labor through each surge and move along with them.

By now it’s 11pm and my contractions started to come every 2-3min. I knew it was time to call the midwife at this point but still felt like nothing was going to happen. My body was working towards a baby but I never had consistency in my contractions! I felt like there was almost no break between them. As I’m laboring on the side of my bed vocalizing though each wave my water breaks!! As it broke i ran to the bathroom in hopes to not make a mess that’s when I could feel my baby moving down. Within minutes I was having involuntary pushing sensations. My body was moving her down and quick. Jorge rushed to finish setting up the pool as I stood in one spot laboring through. my mom gathered soft pillows and towels under me in case she came before the pool was ready. Once the water was in, I got in as fast as I could. With each contraction I could feel her moving further down. I kept repeating I’m trying not to push. I felt out of my body at this point and like I could see her traveling through the portal from one world to another. I reached down and felt her head crowning.

The ring of fire was felt and I gave a big push. Her head emerge and I yelled out to know the time. Jorge patiently waiting behind me as I’m leaving forward on my hands and knees I said I’m going to push again. Her shoulder followed by her body came out and dad caught her! My mom waited for her to let out a cry and then said is it a boy or a girl!?!? Jorge checked and we found it was a sweet little girl! In the moment, I was still in so much shock I couldn’t quite comprehend that I just birthed a little girl in my living room! I knew we needed to get her under my leg and on my chest. My mom and Jorge worked together to get her under and in my arms. It felt like her cord was short and couldn’t pull her up. Luckily my midwife walked in at this point! I looked up and said we had a baby! She helped me sit back comfortably. With the next contractions we birthed the placenta! We got to see touch and learn all about it. Even Maddox was amazed! I got to get out take a shower in my own bathroom and lay in my own comfy bed! As I rested we did Frankie’s newborn exam and got to love on her!

mom and newborn sitting in birth pool with floating placenta

It was amazing! She came at 12:06 am. She played tricks on me all day with inconsistent patterns and came quickly at the end! I am so in love with her!

mom holding newborn while dad smiles at mom

Photography: Nurturing Image- Birth Stories

Midwife: In Bloom Midwifery

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