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Guendy’s Birth Story

On Friday July 23rd at 430am, I woke up to my husband getting ready work. I was 40+3 pregnant and after trying so hard to keep this baby in, I was positive I’d stay pregnant forever. Before my husband got completely dressed, I jokingly suggested some adult time to see if it would get things rolling and he happily obliged. At around 6am the waves started. I didn’t get too excited as they felt exactly like all the other waves I’d had for over a month.  I got up, made myself some toast with peanut butter, and let Tyler know something might be happening. He asked if he should come home and I replied I would let him know in 45 minutes. I fell asleep, he didn’t hear back from me so we went on like normal. After waking up my waves continued. I timed them, but again like several times before, they were all over the place between 3-6 minutes. However, the waves had always stopped by sunrise. At 1138 my beautiful friend/midwife Jaelin, messaged me out of nowhere that she wanted to go color her hair, and asked If there was any reason she shouldn’t. I think she felt it and subconsciously knew that day was the day. I informed her what was going on and how it wasn’t much difference from every other day, that I would let her know if things changed.  The waves continued only slightly (if at all) increasing in strength and at 12:58pm, I let Tyler know he should probably make his way home just in Case. He was technically done with his shift anyways and I would much rather have him home to cuddle with. He asked if I wanted a red bull slushie… LOL yes please!

I spent all day in bed with my 3 kids binge watching Manifest on Netflix. At some point I remember there where 2 waves that made me grip my daughters Kristen’s arm tight but she did not complain. I still wasn’t sure, they returned to the barely there intensity after that. I let my photographer and friend know. She insisted she should come, but I was afraid this might not be it. She has already spent several hours with me the week before on a false alarm. When Tyler got home, waves stopped, and I fell asleep again. When I woke up waves were consistently at 3 minutes, and I was SO hungry. Aidan cooked me some Black Shin Ramen and while eating I had about 3 contractions that felt much different. I knew then this was it. I quickly slurped up my soup before the next wave. I went to the restroom to pee and check my own cervix, I was surprised to feel my bulging bag of waters and remember thinking to myself, “oh shit, If this breaks, no one is gonna make it” I quickly withdrew my fingers and as I leaned forward get some toilet paper, POP!!  There went my water. I knew in my heart it was too late and no one would make it. I loudly informed Tyler and asked him to text Jaelin and Brittany. Suddenly, someone turned up the intensity dial on the waves because I was rocking and rolling. I called one of my best Friends, Meg, and told her it was time. I called my friend Alyssa who is also a photographer and asked if she could come only until Brittany showed up. My spidey sense knew this would happen, so I had spoken to her about this before.  I had a vision of how I wanted this to happen, so I quickly turned on my tub water, changed into my special delivery bra, and put on a little concealer while stopping a couple of times to rock and ride the waves out.  Alyssa made it in about 10 minutes followed by Meg. By the time they got there I was absolutely in transition and things were moving FAST. I could not get on top of the waves and felt as if my insides where being torn apart. This was NOT the 5-6 hour hypnobirth I envisioned. My handsome husband ensured everything I had planned was being done. I was done caring and he knew I would regret it later. He turned on the music and grabbed the tiniest cup to pour water on me.  I clearly remember thinking “WTF was I thinking!” I said out loud at least 3 times, “I can’t do this!” and each time my husband, Meg, and Alyssa said in synchrony, “you ARE doing it.”

woman in tub feeling for baby's head as baby exits while husband watches her
man tilts head to look for baby's head coming out of woman

During one contraction I felt the baby’s head do a thump thump and screamed out “oh this baby is coming now!”I checked and I could feel hair! We were so close. Tyty walked into the room, and I knew I had to collect myself. I turned my switch to nurse mode, and I finally was able to get on top of my contraction. My body was making me push, there was no controlling it. The Fetal ejection reflex was so real. Suddenly I felt an intense burn, this was what everyone called the ring of fire, and it too was real. I kept hearing Jaelin’s voice in my head as I had heard it dozens of times before, “breath, let the baby stretch you” One more wave and the head was out followed by a small gush of blood. I calmly checked for cord and knew I had torn. Tyty was asked if he wanted to jump in and help catch baby, he had been talking about catching his baby since before we conceived. He nervously agreed and got into the blood-tinged water. One more contractions and 3 deep roars and my sweet baby was out.  All I could scream out was, “someone give me a time!” Out of all things, I was worried we wouldn’t have an accurate birth time. We checked for gender and OMG! It’s a girl! Then it hit, “I did it, I really freaking did it!” We all cried. Jaelin walked in 1-2 minutes later and till this day blames my lumpy driveway for missing it.

woman screaming during contraction
woman screaming through contraction as son helps catch baby in the tub
woman smiling as she hold her newborn in her arms after birth
woman looking into newborn's eyes after giving birth in tub

Post partum was a dream. I lost a little bit of blood but I had never felt better.  I was able to cuddle back into my own bed with my sweet baby. We did her newborn exam and to my surprise, 8lbs 4oz. My biggest baby! Everyone settled down, I ate and drank, did our herbal bath (with dry flowers and all because I’m extra for the photos) and everyone went on their way. I couldn’t sleep for a while, I sat there staring at my baby who I had longed for so long. I sat there thinking how PERFECTLY everything went and how I should of just went ahead and ordered the charcuterie board (which I had been planning for months) that morning.

mom, son and new born in herbal bath after birth
newborn in herbal bath with mom

If I could do all my births again, this would be exactly how I would do it. Surrounded by the most important people. No poking, no prodding, and no monitors. Being fully supported and loved.

man's image in mirror as he holds newborn shortly after birth
midwife hugging mom on bed after birth

Photographer: Alayne Wayde Photography and BG Visuals

Midwife: Holistic Heritage Homebirth

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